If your purpose is fitness, you want to start training and, above all, innovate. What we are going to tell you interests you. We leave behind the search for inner peace so typical in times of uncertainty. While it is true that staunch yogis will continue to practice asanas, the trends for the coming months are different.

Personalized training

The phenomenon of personal trainers began to gain importance a few years ago. And this, in particular, the tendency of the custom workouts It will continue to grow, being a very good option to keep fit, have a personalized routine, achieve goals safely, answer questions, motivate yourself... . If you really want to get the most out of training, having a personal trainer is the best option. The professional will prepare a routine 100% according to the objectives and needs of each member while guiding them so that they know at all times that they are doing the right thing, avoiding damage and injuries.

High intensity exercises

These routines involve working very intensely in a short time and are highly demanded because they are efficient and help burn more calories, since our body has to use stored fat as an energy source. In addition, they speed up the metabolism and keep it active for longer, improve cardiovascular capacity and resistance and give results quickly.

Cross Hiit, for example, is an activity designed in a fractional interval system to improve cardiorespiratory and muscular capacity using all types of material. It is an activity of high caloric expenditure, which is carried out in short sessions of 30 minutes; The Cross MET is a high intensity directed activity where aerobic and anaerobic exercises are combined. They are functional exercises that work different muscle groups thanks to movements such as push-ups, displacements, tractions, etc; while HBX Boxing involves cardiovascular training accompanied by music inspired by techniques applied to martial arts such as Boxing, Kick Boxing or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) without contact. The goal is to unload all the energy on a punching bag obtaining a large number of benefits such as stress relief, burning calories, muscle toning and even improving the coordination of movements day by day.

Focused training, target firm glutes!

Exercising this muscle group always arouses interest in both men and women. And it is that the benefits of having firm buttocks are not only aesthetic. Toned buttocks help improve balance, cushioning and prevent many back pains, centralized in the lower back. Having a strong gluteus has a positive impact on our sports performance and on a day-to-day basis. You can sign up for classes that improve the tone and reaffirm our buttocks, such as Body Pump, Fitness Condition, Suspension Training and above all GAP (Buttocks - Abdominals - Legs).

Group training to enhance motivation.

If you want to train, without losing motivation, the ideal is to sign up for group classes. Training in company always provides that extra energy that could be needed and it is an entertaining way of practicing sports. The Metropolitan club has more than 800 monthly hours of directed activities among the most varied options: Zumba, Body Bump, Aero Latino, Pilates Stretch, Tai Chi, Aqua Gym, Aqua Circuit or Group Cycling machines. These state-of-the-art bikes from Technogym will help improve performance by combining comfort and state-of-the-art software.

At Club Metropolitan we love to keep up to date with new sports trends and innovate. Which of these trends do you prefer? Check our offer here.