Finally the good weather has arrived in Madrid and it seems that it has come to stay. Summer is just around the corner and that means light colors, light fabrics and short-sleeved garments, skirts and shorts are coming back to our wardrobe. But do not forget that before you know it, it's your turn to wear the swimsuit. You are ready?

Surely during the year you have been working your physical form with the machines and our specialized classes. And, as we do not want you to lose the rhythm, we propose you the best fitness activities offered by our gymnasiums of Madrid. Whatever your goal, the wide range of our centers will keep you motivated and our experts will bring out your full potential.

Fun, original, energetic or relaxing classes. In the Metropolitan centers of Madrid you can choose between a variety of physical activities or practice them all! Yoga, Body-Pump, Cycling, Zumba, Aquagym, Hypopressive gymnastics, etc. All of our targeted classes are suitable for any age and level. Not only do they not require previous experience, but our technical specialists in each of the subjects will help you and guide you so that you can follow the class without difficulty.

And best of all, our schedules! The number of daily sessions we have at the Metropolitan gymnasiums in Madrid from the 7.00 h to the 21.00 h will allow you to create your own sports calendar. Lack of time will no longer be an excuse to not get fit!

Serenity and relaxation with yoga classes at Metropolitan Madrid


Yoga is an ideal practice for any time of the day. During the morning, the dynamics  Hatha Yoga classes They will help you to awaken your body and start the day with energy and positivism. Stretches, balance and strength postures combine perfectly in our sessions suitable for both beginners and expert yogis. And the Metropolitan technicians are capable of creating series and adapting them to all levels.

The last hours of the afternoon also become an ideal time to lower pulsations, stabilize your emotions through meditation and leave behind the stress of the day, by controlling the breath and the most relaxing postures of yoga.

The most dynamic pilates classes in Madrid

If you think that yoga is not for you but you are looking for activities that enhance concentration and exercise your body in a less demanding way, at Metropolitan centers in Madrid we also offer original and original Pilates classes. And is that to attend pilates classes will help you tone your abs and strengthen your back thanks to specific and localized exercises. The best way to avoid possible injuries and contractures!

Fitness activities with more rhythm and fun in Madrid

Who said that the gym is going to suffer? Quite the opposite. At Metropolitan we try to make all our classes fun and motivating. And a clear example are our zumba sessions.

Entering one of the Metropolitan Zumba classes will fill you with good vibes and positive energy. And is that the atmosphere generated in this collective activity will change the mood. But that's not all, this mixture of fitness and latin dance is able to make you burn up to 800 calories per session. And without realizing it! Dancing zumba is a very complete exercise that improves resistance and tones the different muscle groups. And, if we also take into account that they are accompanied by the songs of the season ... what better training for the summer!

Another way to move the body in a fun and different environment is by immersing yourself in our classes Aquafit. Literally! There's nothing like a fitness choreography in the pool to have fun and get fit at the same time.


Our Aquagym classes in Madrid are based on dynamic toning exercises taking advantage of the resistance that water opposes to movement. Both in the morning and during the afternoon, Aquagym is a perfect activity to work on circulatory problems, joints and muscular overloads in the back. The only requirement: do not forget your hat and get wet!

High intensity training for beginners or experts

If you do not need extra motivation and you know your goals well, our high intensity training classes are the key to get an 10 body. In the Metropolitan gymnasiums of Madrid you will find the basics of the spring-summer season that can not be missed in your set-up schedule:

Body pump It is one of the star sessions of our Madrid centers: it is always full! And there are compelling reasons. Body-Pump is one of the most complete and intense directed general toning activities but it is also very fun and enjoyable. The musical selection made by our technicians and the use of bars and other materials adapted to each level will make you spend your time flying.

If you have not yet tried it, talk to the instructor to advise you on which materials and weights to start the practice. As you get experience, you can set new challenges and goals. Advancing is simple and you will see immediate results!

And if you can not stop going, we recommend your perfect partner. Body-Pump and Cycling form a magical combo!

Cycling or Spinning is one of the favorite activities for our Metropolitans And it is to enter a Cycling class is to feel invaded by the euphoria, energy and improvement that is breathed in the environment. Following the rhythm of the class can be hard at the beginning, but it is a very easy practice to adapt to your current physical abilities: simply adjust the resistance of the bike and put new challenges in each class. But beware, Cycling is addictive: once you've tried it, you'll want to repeat!

Have you taken note? All the Metropolitan centers of Madrid have excellent facilities that will make your gym your second home. Try our most cutting-edge, fun and original fitness activities Discover a new way of doing sports!