Flora González is a journalist and weather presenter on the Cuatro television network. The 'weather-girl', as she defines herself in her Instagram profile, was born 35 years ago in Andújar (Jaén) and has a journalistic career of more than 10 years, in which she has worked for different media outlets in first level like Yo Dona, GQ España, Vogue and Movistar +. He has always been clear about his vocation and what he wanted to dedicate himself to on a professional level. His dream has always been to be a journalist and he has fulfilled it.

She confesses passionate about the history of art, yoga and now Pilates, thanks to her trainings at Metropolitan. Do you want to know her a little better? This is all you have told us!

MET: Flora, what is the most important lesson you have learned in your life?

FG: I try to learn every day, especially from mistakes or moments that make me suffer. When the hot flash goes away, I reflect and say: 'What happened? Why did it happen? And what do I have to do so that it doesn't happen again?' Even so, I have assumed that there are things that are beyond our control. If I had to highlight one learning, it would be that life is not a race in which we have all started at the same time, we do not share paths, but we each create our own path. We are not late, we are at our own pace. You do not have to compare yourself with anyone, I have started training now, if I were to compare myself with professional athletes, I would end up quitting.

MET: What is the most inspiring movie you've seen?

FG: I really liked Coco, that idyllic vision of death made me reflect on our fears, thinking that many times we stop living out of fear.

MET: If you could travel to the past where would you go?

FG: I started my degree in Art History (I have yet to go back to my studies but I am not pressuring myself to do so) and I was fascinated by Ancient Egypt: their way of living, traveling, their beliefs, their outfits ... I would certainly visit them if I had a machine from weather. Of course, with a return ticket.

MET: What famous person would you like to share a dinner with and why?

FG: I think there are many fascinating characters who deserve a good feast, but I would love to listen to Gabriel García Márquez for hours. Since it is no longer possible in any way, I continue to read eagerly everything he wrote.

MET: What super power would you choose to have?

FG: When I was little I saw some cartoons (I don't remember the name) in which the protagonist had a stopwatch and when he said "Time to stop" and pressed it, everything was frozen, and when I gave it again, the world continued as if nothing had happened. . I think a lot about having that timer (to sleep a little more, not to be late, to enjoy more ephemeral moments ...).

MET: What is your favorite training?

FG: I have always practiced yoga and at Metropolitan I have discovered Pilates. Now I wouldn't know how to choose, I love them both!

MET: What kind of music motivates you to train?

FG: In this I am going to be a bit controversial (laughs), the 'pachangueo', the reggaeton, everything that we cannot dance because right now the entertainment venues are closed.

MET: Are you more of directed classes or individualized training?

FG: Classes always. If you leave me alone, the same I escape to the SPA at the third minute!

MET: Why would you leave the diet without thinking?

FG: I have a very grateful metabolism and, as with everything, I try to maintain a balance and follow the Mediterranean diet. Now with the cold, a good mountain stew in Cantabria tempts me a lot.

MET: What is your best plan to disconnect from the world?

FG: My idyllic plan is to be on the beach with a good book. Living in Madrid, I can't do it whenever I want, so I choose to fill the bed with books, magazines, the tablet with series, some snacks and not look at my mobile for hours.

MET: What makes you laugh the most?

FG: I adore people with a sense of humor, and if that humor is sour, even more so. I am an easy laugh.

Photographer: Raúl Rodríguez