Have you already started the ski season? Many decide to reserve weekends to escape to the mountains and practice the winter sport par excellence. And it is that skiing or snowboarding as sports have psychological and emotional characteristics that no other modalities have: they are the ideal therapy to surround yourself with nature and escape from the stress and routine of day to day. 

If you have not started yet and you still have time to warm up your engines, it is advisable to perform a few specific exercises to strengthen the muscle areas most used in skiing. You can practice some of them on a daily basis, as they will help you strengthen your legs and arms and find you, once there, at the top of the track, with enough energy and physical capacity to ski until the last minute.

Therefore, before jumping onto the track with all your equipment, it is important that you prepare your physical form, in the same way as a runner does before running a race. Thus, in addition to improving performance, you can avoid possible injuries.

Take note of these exercises to prepare you to ski safely:

Train your quadriceps
The quadriceps is the largest muscle in the front of the thigh. It receives this name because it is made up of four muscular bellies. This group of muscles is the one that works the most in skiing because they are the ones that allow the body to bend and tilt.

Between the training exercises for skiing, you can practice squats or squads. Place your legs slightly apart (for balance) and your feet facing outward a bit. When squatting, your legs and knees should be at a right angle. Remember that you should have a straight back, a hard abdomen, and your knees should not stick out to your toes. You can do sets of 10 with breaks of 1 to 3 minutes.

Exercise twins
In skiing, the calves suffer considerably as a result of the stress to which the body is subjected by posture. Some exercises designed to strengthen this part of the body consist of raising the heels. Simply put the ball of your foot on a raised surface and lean forward in order to stretch your back. Repeat this exercise with each of your feet. Remember that exercises to strengthen the calves are essential before starting the season.

Strengthen your glutes
With this exercise, in addition to the glutes, you will strengthen and tone your legs and hips, and you will improve flexibility. To put it into practice you can use a step, a stool, a step or any object that serves as a step. It should not be too high to avoid hunching your back too much and keeping it straight. Look straight ahead and make your abdomen hard. When climbing the step the opposite leg should be bent and with the knee towards the ceiling. You can do sets of 10 with breaks of 1 to 3 minutes.

Warm up and stretch
Warming up and stretching after performing these exercises are necessary since they will avoid those annoying stiffness that appears after straining a muscle in the body that you don't usually exercise. In addition to warming up before training, it is advisable to warm up before skiing. You can perform these same exercises before getting on the skis to prepare your muscles for the session. 

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