The practice of having a personal trainer is spreading and more and more beginners or experienced athletes to have an accompaniment in the process of physical and mental change.

For those who really want to experience a change of habits towards a more active and healthy life but do not know where to start, in all Metropolitan clubs they can count on the help, supervision and advice of Fitness instructors and Personal Trainers who, In addition to indicating the best way to use the facilities and helping them to carry out their training in the safest and most effective way, they will design personalized training plans and exercise tables, adapted to personal needs and objectives.

And it is that a personal trainer can become your best ally because in addition to better understanding the benefits of the exercises that he proposes to you. It will give you, among other things, a dynamic and regularity to your workouts.

Greater adherence to training

Obviously it is easier to adhere to a training plan when it has been designed by a professional and when they are supervising you that you are doing it properly.
Also, it's much more enjoyable to train under the eyes of a coach than to train on your own, and of course good coaches know how to get you closer to your goal while making you have fun.
This is a very important advantage since one of the factors that most determines long-term success is adherence; you have to like what you do.

Greater results

You can do things, or you can do things right, and with a personal trainer on your side you will most likely be closer to the second scenario.

A generic training plan is not going to help you as much as the individualized training that a coach can give you, and in addition, in general, any general plan will make you go slower, even hit the ceiling sooner, so that you will be compromising your results.

The coach will know and value your real limits, not the ones you assume. This will help your own self-improvement and that you get all the possible results.

An ideal machine to work on training in a personalized way is the Technogym Biocircuit™. With a fully guided program, it offers a more exhilarating circuit training experience that requires no adjustments or waiting times. The exercises, the workloads, the rhythm and the recovery time are designed to offer training programs adapted to all types of users and are established based on their objectives and needs.

Play sports safely

The personal trainer will choose the exercises that best suit you; In addition, he will take the necessary time to explain the exercises to be performed and will ensure that you do the exercises well, advising you on the correct postures to adopt to avoid any type of injury.

In this way you will learn to perform the exercises correctly, avoiding mistakes and the acquisition of 'vices' that can lead to malpractice or even injuries.

It will promote your autonomy when exercising on your own.

To get in shape it is not enough to have a supervised weekly workout. If you want to regain your physical form, you will have to train on your own. Your trainer will schedule your exercise sessions for the rest of the week. And so, without realizing it, you will find yourself immersed in a training discipline, in a routine that you will have created together with your coach.

Find out in your Metropolitan Club about the different personal training modalities.