Learn about the benefits of percussion therapy.

Surely you have come across more than once and on different channels with videos of a drill-style device exerting blows on a muscle of a model's body. Well, it's about the massage guns that precisely They are used to do percussion therapy.

It is a type of massage therapy that has become very fashionable. Despite the fact that the sight may give us a little fear or impression, this type of therapy is designed give us pleasure and rehabilitate our muscles.

They are useful both for massage the muscles worked after intense exercise and thus contribute to the period of active rest necessary for our body, as well as for treat specific injuries. Remember that we always advise working consciously and being attentive and alert to signs of fatigue in our body, notice when we overextend it and respect your moments of recovery. Above all, taking into account that the effectiveness of future training will also depend on that.

These machines or guns work through percussion therapy to treat deep musclesHence its resemblance to a drill that hits the muscle to be treated vertically and very quickly.

Through these strokes in microseconds what is sought is a neuromuscular response guidance on reduce pain and increase range of motion. In addition, we accelerates blood flow of the muscle group in question. Moreover, the massage gun also Helps to reduce lactic acid, which is what causes soreness after a workout. And, as if that were not enough, it favors the lymphatic drainage helping to eliminate toxins produced by our body and avoiding inflammation due to fluid retention.

It is for this reason that muscle pistols have become very popular as a recovery and rehabilitation instrument for sports such as Crossfit or for professional athletes. However, this does not mean that there are specific sports for which it is recommended. It can be a perfect complement to all those recovery exercises such as neck, back and shoulder stretches. And it is also welcome in any type of sports training for an amateur athlete.

The massage gun it also allows you to prepare your muscles for a workout, so any type of athlete or sportsperson can take advantage of its benefits.

Generally, massage guns have different heads and vibration frequencies that you can select for the type of massage you need at all times. In addition, of course, you will be able to see different designs, some that produce more or less noise and different brands and values ​​in the market. It can also vary its autonomy depending on the power and capacity of the battery you have.