During pregnancy, the question often arises as to whether or not it is convenient to practice sports and what physical activity is the most appropriate. Practicing sports while pregnant is possible and also very beneficial, except for medical contraindications and provided that the most appropriate and indicated exercises are chosen for this stage, taking all the necessary precautions. In fact, leading an active life and practicing physical exercise during pregnancy is highly advisable, especially when the woman is used to doing sports regularly, as it stimulates blood circulation, breathing and helps to maintain good health and well-being to mom and baby. In general, cardiovascular exercises are recommended by specialists also during this period, although avoiding any type of impact and performing it at high intensities. In these cases, the ideal intensity of the cardio exercises for pregnant women it is mild or moderate.

It is true that not all stages of pregnancy are the same, so it is necessary to know that the important thing is to modify and adapt routines depending on how advanced the pregnancy is and how the woman feels physically and mentally.
If you are pregnant and want to continue practicing sports to achieve good physical shape and a feeling of well-being during pregnancy, take note of the Most recommended exercises to keep fit during pregnancy:


Swimming is one of the most recommended physical activities to practice during pregnancy, as it allows movements to be carried out without putting pressure on the joints, as well as avoiding fluid retention and preparing the muscles and joints for childbirth. In addition, buoyancy relieves extra body weight and movements in the water harmonize the entire muscular system. Remember that you must choose a type of swim that is comfortable and does not cause tension in the neck or shoulders.


Taking long walks during pregnancy helps control weight gain without straining the body, since it is a low-impact aerobic exercise. Daily walks of about 20 - 30 minutes are very healthy and do not require a high level of physical fitness. In fact, even women who are not used to daily exercise before pregnancy can start taking daily walks without feeling exhausted. This exercise will help prepare you for the last months of pregnancy and to face childbirth from a cardiovascular point of view, without causing too much impact on your knees. As your pregnancy progresses, your sense of balance and coordination may be lost a little. For this reason, it is advisable to walk on flat surfaces, without bumps or rocks.

Toning exercises

Practicing toning exercises during pregnancy is also a good training option. Especially those exercises that work the posterior chain, since the weight gain will cause the woman to suffer joint and lower back ailments. For this reason, it is important to work the muscles of the legs and back, always in a controlled way and advised by a specialist in physical activity and personal training.

Prenatal yoga

The practice of yoga during pregnancy It is recommended to improve flexibility, body balance, blood circulation and relaxation of the nervous system. If done correctly, it is a very beneficial practice, since its exercises are based on the search for balance between the body and the mind and doing them does not require a great effort. However, in this case, the best thing to do is practice a specific yoga style for pregnant women, whose exercises and postures are designed to respect and benefit the course of the gestational stage, as well as childbirth. In the first months of pregnancy, the exercises carried out in yoga sessions favor relaxation through postures or asanas that symbolize the element "water", an important element in this first stage of pregnancy, due to the increase in fluids in the body .

There are also some exercises that are not recommended during pregnancy, as sit-ups, a contradictory activity because the rectus abdominis has to be separated to create space for the baby. However, you can do table exercises to work the transverse abdominis.

Remember that the practice of physical activity during pregnancy Not only is it beneficial for a good pregnancy and for preparation for childbirth, but postpartum recovery will be much faster and more pleasant for those who have been active previously and during pregnancy.