Many times the expression has come out of our mouth: today my legs do not hold me! But we must know that it is the back, and not the legs, that supports our weight and calibrates the balance of our body. Well, if we have a strong and flexible back, we can avoid possible muscular pains that appear daily due to bad postures. Also, if we have a sufficiently trained musculature, we will protect our column from any impact or accident. Are you ready to have a healthy back? Keep reading and learn with us.

How do I start to take care of my back?

Doing sports to reduce stress is essential, but it is also essential to perform back stretches before and after physical exercise. We have to take into account that the back is the part that weights more weight of our body and we must relieve it regularly. Believe it or not, stretching is also physical training that helps us stretch the muscles.

Why should I stretch my back?

To improve the health of this. Stretching is the most effective method (if practiced weekly) to have good joint mobility. In this way, the muscles are in good shape and future injuries are avoided. In addition, we must add that to gain elasticity in the muscles and tendons generates in the human body a great improvement in the capacity of movements. And you know what's best? If we stretch our back we prevent the dreaded muscular contractures and our sensation of fatigue decreases.

How do I stretch my back?

Important: stretch in a spacious room to have freedom of movement. Once we have found the right place, we can begin our exercise routine. The stretches must be maintained for a certain time, between 15 and 30 seconds. We must bear in mind that stretching does not mean to feel pain in the muscles, because the movements have to be done in a soft and slow way. Use a mat or towel so that the stretching surface is more comfortable.

How often should I stretch?

It is advisable to introduce stretching in your daily life as something that is part of it. We assure you that you will notice great changes at the physical level and also at the mental level. We recommend to let you be advised by an expert so that during the stretches you do not perform postures that can damage your musculature. Your advice will also help you to adopt some habits before and after physical effort.

At the Metropolitan gyms we have a session of 30 minutes called Back Healthy. In it, a sports professional provides the most suitable exercises for a better postural control focused on the stabilization of the spine, strengthening the muscles of the back and toning the abdomen. An exercise that gives you great benefits and will help you release tension. Do you want to strengthen your back and do a job of abdominal toning? Now you know our advice, get going and get your goals.