Running outdoors in cold weather is usually not too appealing, but it has many benefits such as improving physical capacity, endurance, muscle strength and burning calories.

When you go jogging in the middle of winter, you should take into account the types of training, the time to go jogging or the clothes you should wear.
The important thing in running is to practice it without stopping: training and regular consistency are the key to a good runner. Next, you can take note of the benefits of running when it is cold and some tips for doing this practice without freezing in the attempt:

1. Choose your dress well: When you run, your body immediately gets warm. This means that body sensation can increase about 10 degrees more than room temperature. For example, if there is a temperature of 5 degrees outside, when you run you will feel that there is about 15 degrees. For this reason, it is essential that, before going for a run, check the weather information to select the clothes you should wear. Remember that you should not wrap yourself too much and the fabric that is recommended to be used in sportswear is that which is composed of breathable materials. It is also very important to avoid cotton completely as it absorbs sweat and can be very annoying when you do your workout. The best thing for these cases is to dress in layers as it is useful not to fall short or go with your clothes: a short sleeve technical shirt, a long sleeve or thin windbreaker and, in cases where the cold is extreme, a jacket that warm you more.

Tip: Avoid letting your knees air. Try to keep this part of the body always warm. It is a delicate part that, having no capillaries, cools quickly. To do this, you can use long tights or compressive garments that fit your body as much as possible, that keep the heat and avoid possible chafing.

2. Consider the weather conditions: Try training during the central hours of the day, when there is more sun. This practice is important to keep in mind, at least the days where the cold stalks, because when the sun goes down temperatures begin to fall and it shows quickly. Running under the sun's rays will protect you and get you to enjoy a much more pleasant feeling when you run.

If you practice running when it rains a little or after it has rained or snowed you will have to exercise caution. First of all, choose shoes with a good grip that give you stability and support to avoid possible slips and falls. Wearing the surface layer of your waterproof clothing will also not allow water to accumulate in your clothes and you can enjoy your practice more comfortably.

Finally, hydrate and protect your skin with sunscreen, especially when there is snow. Remember that the sun's rays are reflected in it and can burn your skin. Even if it's not at night, always try to wear reflective clothing or some kind of light so you can be visible at all times.

3. Very extreme cases, practical solutions: If the temperatures are below freezing or if the rain prevents you from going out, practicing outdoor sports can become a feat. For those days, try to find alternative solutions, such as doing personalized training in your Metropolitan gym and that fitness specialists help you maximize your potential as a runner or take the opportunity to train your strength and stretch.

Following these tips, the cold will no longer be an impediment to running outdoors. To give yourself a push, you can train with other classmates and imbibe your extra motivation. Discover the best places to run outdoors in Barcelona y Madrid!
And if running is what really moves you, remember that Metropolitan centers have a Running Club that organizes group outings under the supervision of specialized athletic trainers.