It is increasingly demonstrated that yoga is very beneficial for the health of people. There are many benefits that this millenary practice produces in the body of those who practice it habitually. And its effects are noticed very soon at the physical level (elasticity, care of the joints, toning, correction of posture, etc.), at the mental level (relaxation, control of thoughts, concentration, etc.), and also internally. The latter are often the most unknown, but they are no less powerful.

If you are already a yoga practitioner or have not yet started and do not know everything you can do for you, surely these 5 benefits of yoga that you still do not know help you to decide. 









1. Your circulation and internal organs will work better
The practice of yoga is very beneficial for a good blood circulation and for a good functioning of the internal organs, since when you enter and leave a posture or asana, you are also moving and exercising your organs. Some postures, especially those of torsion, are designed to allow contaminated blood to be expelled from the organism and, once the torsion is released, the oxygenated blood moves throughout the body. In addition, inverted postures allow blood to flow more easily from head to toe.


2. You will reduce the effects of age
Among its many benefits, yoga is also indicated for people of advanced age, where bone diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis or osteoporosis often flourish. Yoga is beneficial not only for its effects on the entire bony system, but also because it helps strengthen the muscles that surround the joints, to take body awareness and improve balance. In addition, recent research shows that a regular practice of yoga can help reduce joint pain and inflammation and improve flexibility.

3. You will sleep much better
People who suffer from insomnia can find their best ally in yoga. The practice of this discipline helps to relax the nervous system and secretes melatonin, a hormone that intervenes in the natural sleep cycle. Consequently, stress and mental activity are reduced. In addition, several researches affirm that the daily practice of yoga can avoid the development of hypertension, and entities such as the European Society of Cardiology already recommend to their patients with difficulties to sleep well that they practice one hour of yoga each day. 

4. You control the appetite
The regular practice of yoga decreases the levels of cortisol in the body, the famous stress hormone. If you reduce stress, your habits improve automatically, including excessive appetite. With yoga you will adopt a new lifestyle, it will help you to be more patient and more affectionate with your body, to listen more and understand what you really need.  

5. You will improve the relationship with yourself and with others
One of the most powerful benefits of yoga is the improvement of self-esteem and inner well-being. As you practice yoga, your mind is reprogrammed and you experience a relational improvement with yourself, in addition to experiencing numerous physical benefits that will make you look better. With yoga you will increase your awareness and face the problems of day to day with more serenity. It will also help you to live in harmony with the people around you, because you can be at peace with yourself and you will be able to be with others.

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