Elastic bands or resistance bands are one of the most useful and versatile materials to train and exercise your whole body wherever. An inexpensive accessory that allows you to a great multitude of exercises, increasing its intensity, and stimulate the muscles of the whole body: arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs.

In addition, although there are elastic tapes of different resistance levels to adapt them to your needs, with the same tape, depending on what you stretch it, you can gradually apply more tension and work the area more or less.

Next, we leave you with five simple exercises to incorporate into your training routine and work different areas of your body.

  1. Back opening
    As the name implies, this exercise is designed to work on the back area. We explain how to do it.
    Stand up straight with your legs slightly spread at the same width as your shoulders and with each hand, grasp the two ends of the rubber band. Raise your arms to chest level and spread them as wide as you can by pulling the strap back. During the movement, open the chest and bring the scapulae together, and gently return to the starting position.
    Keep your back straight during the exercise, your arms well stretched and do not raise your shoulders. Remember to do it at a steady and leisurely pace, without jerking.
    The tighter you grip the rubber, the more stress you will put on the exercise and the more you will work your back muscles.
  2. Bicep Curl
    With this exercise we are going to concentrate all the activity in the arms, specifically in the biceps. How do we do it?
    Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and step on the rubber band. Take each end of the strap with your hands and with your arms close to your body, raise them at the same time by bending your elbows. Lower yourself to the starting position slowly.
    Here it is important to keep the body straight and static, and to keep the upper arm close to the body, since the movement only involves the lower arm, from the hand to the elbow. The more you stretch the tape, the more you will work your biceps.
  3. Pallof press
    With this exercise we are going to work mainly the area of ​​the abdomen and obliques. We explain how to do it.
    Fix the elastic band somewhere stable in a horizontal position and place it at the height of your abdomen. Stand on your side, stand up, with your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bend your knees with your hips back. Grab the rubber band with both hands and push it forward with your arms outstretched.
    To increase the intensity of the exercise, move further and further away from the treadmill to add more tension. Leaning even further to the other side of the treadmill will work your oblique abs as well.
  4. Glute kick
    This activity mainly focuses the work on the buttock area. However, it is also activated core musculature to keep the body straight and balanced. This is what you need to know to do it.
    Stand up straight and wrap the elastic band around your legs at the ankles. Slightly move one foot back and raise your leg slightly, keeping it straight. Do several gentle reps and switch legs.
    For this exercise it is important that the supporting leg remains slightly bent and that the back and the leg we are working with are straight.
  5. Squatting
    Squats allow strengthen the legs and tone the quads and glutes, plus work your abs and spines.
    If you want to add a little more intensity to this classic exercise, the elastic band is a good option for better results. And how to squat with the elastic band?
    Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and step on the elastic band with your feet. Stretch the tape up and wrap it around your back, if it is circular, or grab it by the ends. Bend your hips and knees back and gently lower your body with your back straight. Bring your body up to the starting position with a steady pace.
    The more you stretch the rubber and the more tension you put on it, the harder the exercise will be and the more you will work. And the slower you do the movements, too.

At Club Metropolitan we will advise you and give you more ideas of exercises you can do with the treadmill. Check your nearest center here!.