Nowadays yoga is one of the most used techniques to combat stress. The frantic pace, untimely schedules and the accumulation of obligations can cause our nervous system to be blocked and the affected person to feel symptoms of stress and anxiety.

To curb stress and achieve inner well-being, relaxation practices such as meditation or yoga are fundamental for day to day and its benefits prove it. In fact, thanks to the benefits of this ancestral discipline, many health experts use it as a treatment and preventive measure of physical and emotional discomforts.

Unlike other types of physical exercise, yoga is a technique aimed at developing inner well-being, secreting endorphins and releasing toxins and stress while practicing, as well as during the rest of the day. However, there are 4 key yoga poses to get relax your body and mind and relieve stress. Take note!

Child's posture







The position of the child or Balasana is very simple and provides many benefits for the body. Stretch the shoulders and unload the lower back while the body and mind relax. It is a comfortable position that you can practice for several minutes and enjoy its effects. It can be done with the arms stretched forward or picked up next to the body and backwards.

Bridge posture


The half-bridge posture or Setubandhasana strengthens the abdominal and lumbar muscles, relieving pain that may reside in that area. When put into practice, the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae are stretched in the opposite direction, allowing the accumulated stiffness and tension to be released and the spinal column. This yoga posture is very easy to practice and is very powerful against the symptoms of stress.

Leg posture on the wall







Another posture of anti-stress yoga is the posture of legs on the wall. It is simple, comfortable and very beneficial, because through this asana you tone and stretch your chest, thighs and calves while you rest and relax your legs. By elevating the legs, blood flow increases and the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, reducing stress, relaxing the body and achieving greater well-being.

Bow posture

The posture of the bow or Dhanurasana may seem like a difficult asana, but after warming up and having made some other posture, it will not be so complicated and truly powerful. It is one of the key positions to relieve stress and anxiety and improves concentration. In addition, while you put it into practice you will be strengthening the spine and stimulating the abdominal organs and neck.

Free yourself from stress by practicing these yoga postures from today! You just need a mat, comfortable clothes and want to start. If you are constant and practice them daily, you will begin to notice their benefits almost from the first day.

Remember that you can enjoy yoga classes at any Metropolitan Center in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Zaragoza, Seville, Bilbao, La Coruña, Vigo, Santander, Murcia and Torrelavega. If you want more information, access the web of Metropolitan and check the schedules and rates of each center.