Although yoga is indicated to all types of people and there are different styles that adapt to anyone, it is true that many begin to practice it without really knowing what it is.
The practice of yoga is surrounded by myths, because taboo and disinformation have always influenced the image of this discipline. However, it is one of the most powerful techniques whose innumerable benefits directly affect the body, mind and soul.

The key is in practice. As the saying yogi says, "practice and everything comes", and yoga is a matter of patience and perseverance. If you are new to the world of yoga and would like to start practicing this millenary technique, do not miss these 10 tips to get started in the best way.  









1. When you are in class, forget about everything
The first advice for a yoga beginner is not to push yourself. The expectations are totally against the philosophy of yoga. Precisely, what yoga seeks is to free you from all the pressures and demands that you impose on yourself (learn fast, get to make the most complicated positions, be the best, etc.). Free yourself, stay present and flow!

2. Breathing is the most important thing
When you take the occasional session, you will begin to realize that breathing is the basis of everything in the practice of yoga. Become aware of the breath and relax it will be the first and the last thing you do in each yoga session, and you will realize its importance because you can adopt some postures or asanas depending on how your breath is at that moment.

3. If what you want is a fit body, yoga is not what you are looking for
If your main goal is to lose weight and get a fit figure, the practice of yoga is not the best for you. While it is true that with yoga you gain strength, flexibility and feel better both outside and inside, asanas are not indicated to burn fat. Your body will be more shaped as one more benefit of the numerous that you will experience practicing this technique on a regular basis.

4. Flexibility is gained over time
It is a common mistake to think that because you are not flexible you will not be able to practice yoga. Flexibility and strength is gained over time, practicing regularly and accustoming your body to this type of postures. Do not try to go beyond what your body allows you at that moment. Listen and do not force. You will see that little by little you will improve.

5. Make sure you have comfortable clothes
Practicing yoga requires being comfortable, especially with the clothes you wear in your yoga sessions. To practice postures, stretch correctly or breathe without pressure, it is best to wear comfortable and comfortable clothing. Check your wardrobe and get two or three sets that meet these conditions for a better practice.

6. Before starting the class, have the essential accessories at hand
When you enter your yoga class you must get 3 accessories before you start the session: a mat, a block and a blanket. The block will help you put into practice the more complex asanas that require more flexibility and the blanket will help you maintain body temperature in Savasana meditation, the final relaxation of each session.

7. Ask your instructor any questions you have
It is normal that, being a beginner, many questions arise about how to put some postures into practice. Although most instructors usually correct the asanas during class, we recommend that you discuss with your teacher any doubts that may arise. It is preferable to understand well how and why on a position that does not enter it with uncertainty.

8. If there is any position that you do not know, look first
When you are a beginner in the practice of yoga, many of the postures you did not even know existed. In these cases, it is always preferable to stop, observe how the teacher or the rest of the classmates do it and then try. Look closely at the details, how you should prepare to enter the asana, how you should maintain it and how you should get out of it.

9. If you want to learn, get ahead!
Maybe at first it may be scary or embarrassing, but we encourage you to try it and get ahead in your yoga sessions. It is the best place to learn and take a good look at how the postures are done. In addition, you will listen closely to the teacher and you will be able to follow their instructions much better.

10. Enjoy the final relaxation
For many, the best moment of the class. The final relaxation or Savasana is done during the 15 final minutes of each session and is a fundamental part to close the practice well with a final meditation where you can relax your body and mind to the maximum. A moment to enjoy and integrate all the benefits of the practice.

If you follow these simple tips it will be easier to get started in the practice of yoga and overcome your first classes. Remember that the most important is to enjoy the process so that the practice is pleasant. Each asana is a challenge, an objective, and there is nothing more pleasurable than overcoming your own goals. 

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