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Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for sports in Metropolitan

The role of Metropolitan Department of Physiotherapy, is to restore and preserve health through preventive treatment or personalized maintenance that may include techniques such as massage, manipulations and mobilizations, stretching, neuromuscular bandages, dry puncture, diathermy application, among others.

One of our values ​​is the multidisciplinary work together with the Department of Fitness, which allows us to adapt a specific plan for each situation and pathology, in order to minimize the risks of injury and ensure a return to sports in a safe and progressive way .

It is not necessary to be a Metropolitan member to enjoy this service.

Human team

We have a team of Collegiate Physiotherapists, with experience of more than 15 years and results that guarantee them, guaranteeing an excellent service and treatment quality.

Human team

Usual techniques

  • Sports Massage
  • Osteopathy
  • Kinesiotaping or neuromuscular bandage
  • Dry puncture
  • Readaptation to exercise / Functional recovery
  • Diacutaneous fibrillation (hooks)
  • Global postural reeducation (RPG)
  • Hydrotherapy or aquatic recovery
  • Diathermy
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